“Phenomenal. My wedding planner took my wedding very personal like it was hers. I felt as at ease as a bride, which is unusual for brides but I knew my planner had my back. I am so grateful to have had Adelines Events at my service and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a chill, yet amazing wedding planning experience.” – Mireille

“I will highly recommend Adelines Events to anyone. Addy is one of the best event planners in the DC Metro Area – Marcie

“If there’s one thing I’ll love to repeat over and over again, that will be my wedding day and that’s because I had an amazing WEDDING PLANNER ADELINES EVENTS. Addy guided me from scratch and then suddenly it turned out to be magical and magnificent. I must applaud her for a terrific job done and I will recommend her to any bride or couple to be. Trust me, your wedding will be what you never envisage. I wish I could add more stars.” – Alima